Parco ittico paradiso

Parco Ittico Paradiso

The Parco Ittico Paradiso (Fish Park) is an oasis of 6000 trees, where you can observe storks, grouse, 20 different species of freshwater fish from underwater observatories and as you walk along the pathways on the banks of the channels plus much, much more. It is composed of three areas, each featuring exceptional biodiversity: the slow water area, the area dedicated to large fish and the white-water area. Children can have fun in a special recreational space that offers games and educational workshops. And inside the Park, you can enjoy the typical local cuisine of Lodi and the organic dairy produce from the La Fontana farm, Comazzo.

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Contactos Actividad Parco Ittico Paradiso Fraz. Villa Pompeiana 26839 Zelo Buon Persico 02/9065714

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