Ristorante la piana

Ristorante La Piana

Tradition and innovation of the Lombard style: this is the philosophy of the restaurant "La Piana" and of its chef Gilberto Farina that, with passion and commitment, is a great supporter of the food culture of its territory, in particular that of Milano, of Brianza and the nearby lake Como. Located in a well restored old courtyard of Lombardy, the atmosphere is cozy and intimate with a cellar and a comfortable outdoor terrace. It is the restaurant of Buon Ricordo and Locale del Buon formaggio.

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Contactos Restaurante Ristorante La Piana Via Zappelli Pietro 15 20841 Carate Brianza 0362/909266 info@ristorantelapiana.it
  • Acceso para discapacitados
  • aire acondicionado
  • posibilidad de reservar salas específicas
  • mesas externas
  • aparcamiento
  • Tronas y cubiertos para niños
  • personal políglota
  • wifi
  • se aceptan tarjetas de crédito
  • Enoteca interna
  • Places: 60
  • Closing day: domenica sera e lunedì

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