Osteria antico borgo

Osteria Antico Borgo

In a historical context within walking ossuary of St. Maria della Neve and the Abbey of Vilbodone, surrounded by countryside of Milan, is located the Ristorante Antico Borgo. Recently renovated, is managed with love and passion for 19 years by Olivia and Fabio with the chef Stefano Zanotti. Here you can sample traditional Milanese and Italian recipe made with special attention to raw materials. There is also a cellar with more than 150 labels of white and red wines.

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Contactos Restaurante Osteria Antico Borgo Via Mezzano 20098 San Giuliano Milanese 02/9836812 info@anticoborgo-mezzano.com
  • Acceso para discapacitados
  • aire acondicionado
  • se admiten animales
  • posibilidad de reservar salas específicas
  • mesas externas
  • Cocina para celíacos/intolerantes/alérgicos
  • aparcamiento
  • menú para niños
  • Tronas y cubiertos para niños
  • personal políglota
  • wifi
  • se aceptan tarjetas de crédito
  • Cocina Italiana
  • Cocina Italiana (especialidad en carnes)
  • Cocina Italiana (especialidades regionales)
  • Cocina lombarda
  • Places: 80
  • Closing day: lunedì, sabato a pranzo, domenica a cena

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