Dodicivolte trattoria

Dodicivolte Trattoria

The Dodicivolte restaurant occupies what were once the stables of a convent of the XVII century. The menu is based on the traditional Italian cuisine, with a few influences from across the border and it is renewed several times every year. All the dishes are homemade, from pickles to desserts to mustards. Every day, both at lunch and dinner, dozen of different dishes are offered.

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Contactos Restaurante Dodicivolte Trattoria Via Larga 24 20017 Rho 02/93900460
  • Acceso para discapacitados
  • aire acondicionado
  • Cocina para celíacos/intolerantes/alérgicos
  • Tronas y cubiertos para niños
  • personal políglota
  • wifi
  • se aceptan tarjetas de crédito
  • Cocina Italiana
  • Places: 55
  • Closing day: domenica

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