Enoteca guerini

Enoteca Guerini

Not far from the Fiermilanocity, in Via Monte Rosa, there is an historic sign: VINI OLII LIQUORI. It's here in this Milanese wine shop, going back to the 50's, where you can find a selection of wines, liquors, oils, and other food products. Since 1984, Rosy Guerini has looked after this shop and cultivated it into an exclusive locale filled with a vast variety of beverages of all kinds. Soak in the atmosphere, the bottega has remained the same since it was first opened!

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Contactos Enoteca Enoteca Guerini Via Pagliano 1/A - Angolo Via Monterosa 20149 Milano 02/48005312 info@enotecaguerini.it
  • Closing day: Domenica; Lunedì mattina

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